A better treatment journey - from start to finish.

We bring together parents and patients to help them thrive as they find solutions for developmental, behavioural and learning differences.


We're so glad you're here.

You’re in the right place if you’ve begun or are thinking about starting a therapy, such as vision therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, or one of the many other treatments that are associated with this space.

It doesn’t matter what brought you here – vision, speech, hearing, learning, sensory, behavioural or developmental struggles, or perhaps an injury or medical incident. We’ve found that our needs behind-the-scenes often turn out to be very similar!

We’re here to help you as a friendly source of independent, unbiased information and guidance, to help make this time in your life a positive and empowering experience.


We Love

Finding Your Way

Taking control of your research and enquiry process to determine the right treatments and specialists.


Knowing your rights and exercising them effectively within medical, education, legal and financial settings.

Parenting Hacks

Drawing on practical methods to make life more manageable with kids in therapy.

People Power

Creating an uplifting and encouraging social support system.

Exploring Treatments

Understanding both established and emerging options, and keeping up with new alternatives.

Learning Strategies

Deciphering how your child's (or your own) brain works and how to help it thrive.

Emotions & Mindset

Overcoming adversity and inner struggles; developing resilience and confidence.

Homework Motivaton

Staying diligent and persistent with daily exercises and positive throughout treatment.

Holstic Help

Tapping into the power of complementary tools & treatments.

The Struggle is Real

You're Not Alone

Before Treatment

  • Overwhelm and confusion when trying to figure out where to start.
  • Difficulty deciding who to trust, and which specialist to try.
  • Uncertainty about whether a treatment tackles the source or just the symptom.
  • Stress and irritation when requests for more information, testing or investigation into alternatives are discouraged or blocked.

During Treatment

  • Difficulty staying motivated with home exercises and  / or getting kids to cooperate.
  • Struggles with freeing up time and energy required for the treatment.
  • A lack of support and understanding from schools, medical and education consultants, friends and peers.
  • Insufficient dialogue and cooperation between everyone involved (specialists, schools, authorities, insurance, etc).


  • A need for stronger emotional coping skills and help to keep a positive mindset
  • Uncertainty about how to change course when needed.

Survive & Thrive

With Us

Unite & Connect

Find others who've been there before you, and get support and wisdom from people who care and understand.

Stay Informed

Keep up with latest treatment research & development so you can make the best decisions about your future.

Get Equipped

Access the tools & knowledge you need to navigate your journey efficiently and effectively.

Make Life Easier

Get practical tips & tricks to make your life easier in the here and now - for you and your child..

What Do We


Progressive Thinking

We believe we are most empowered when we allow solutions and perspectives from all angles and modalities and keep an open mind. We recognise that we are each unique and require a personalised treatment approach to meet our needs.

Potential & Possibility

We believe in the power of humans to heal and transform, no matter what we've been told, and that the solution we are seeking is always out there.

Humanity & Compassion

We believe that the whole human needs to be considered when on a treatment journey. That our story matters. That our emotions and instincts are valid. And that we are much more than a single opinion, diagnosis or statistic.

Welcome to a

New Era

We are living in a time which allows us to increasingly take control of our health and healing – and that of our children.

Where we can investigate, self-advocate, personalise and co-create our treatment path with specialists we trust and believe in.  

The opportunities are vast and exhilarating. Our understanding of the brain and and its capabilities is growing at an explosive rate. All of human knowledge  is now available at our fingertips in the digital sphere.  Research and technology continues to trigger evolutions in a vast range of treatment areas.

And active patient participation is becoming the new norm.

About the Therapy Mamas

Hi! I'm Kristy Jacobs.

I’m here – along with an amazing group of ambassadors, advisors and collaborators –  to bring to light the sort of insights, wisdom and support I wish I had access to when I started my journey as an adult vision therapy patient years ago, and later through multiple treatments with my daughter.

We’re on a quest to help people find their way through their own unique treatment journeys with confidence and clarity – whether it relates to vision, speech, hearing, learning, sensory, behavioural or developmental struggles, or even an injury or medical incident

Our aim is to help make this a positive and empowering experience for you, backed up by a community of people that understand and care.

Reach out any time on our Therapy Mamas Facebook group. We’d love to hear from you.

Alternatively, contact me on Messenger or email: kristy@therapymamas.com.